Professional Learning can be a great way to build knowledge, skills and confidence around inclusion. With the wide variety of professional learning opportunities available including conferences, webinars, workshops and other online forums, it can be difficult to choose which opportunities to invest in. When choosing professional learning sessions for yourself and your team, consider the following questions:

  • Have you identified any specific professional learning needs in your QIP?
  • How will the knowledge gained be implemented in your program and practices?
  • What opportunities will be available for the knowledge, skills and ideas to be shared with other team members?
  • Is there a professional learning opportunity available that will ‘stretch’ team thinking and challenge ideas and practice?

This page will provide links to different professional learning opportunities that are available throughout the State

Emerging Minds November enewsletter
Supporting children during disaster and traumatic events

What is Inclusion

Be You Early Years Learning Community- Yarning Community Activity

Rymers will be readers:  using songs, rhymes, puppets, stories and books to introduce children to the magical world of reading


Paint the Town REaD is an early literacy community program that encourages the whole community to talk, play, sing, yarn, read and rhyme with children from birth so that they will be ready for reading and writing at school.


Inclusion Webinar
Self regulation - understanding why a child with disability or developmental delay may experience difficulties developing regulation skills which result in challenging behaviour. This webinar will explore a child’s development of co-regulation and self-regulation skills in the early years, with a focus on supporting children to develop an understanding of their emotions, supporting adults to know how to provide help and strategies for building supportive environments.
Presenter: Emma O’Connor is an occupational therapist who has worked with the Department of Education for 13 years. She has worked across a number of schools and centres, supporting children with disability and their families to participate in their early childhood and education programs. Emma has a passion for the early childhood phase of learning and values the impact that can be achieved through working with a child’s early education team. Emma obtained a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy from the University of Queensland in 2005 and Masters of
Health Science (Developmental Disability) from the University of Sydney in 2014.

Target audience:   Management, approved providers, teachers, educators and support staff in the early childhood sector working with children with disability and developmental delay

Webinar Individual Learning Plans (ILP) – Planning and Development

Cost: $60

Time: 4.00pm – 5.00pm
 Individual Learning Plans are created to reflect the goals and objectives for the care and education of children with additional needs attending preschool and long day care services. ILPs are the outcome of collaboration between a child’s family, educators and early intervention supports. This 1-hour webinar will assist centres to meet their accountabilities regarding ILPs, increase understanding regarding what an ILP is, how to create long term and specific short-term objectives and understand what the overall planning cycle for the year may look like.
Date: Tuesday 29 October – presented by Larraine Brown – to register

The Sector Early Education News, Views and Reviews


Professional Development and Parent Workshops


Building Belonging

Building Belonging is a comprehensive toolkit of early education resources, it is focused on encouraging respect for cultural diversity and tackling racial prejudice in early childhood settings


National Principles for Child Safe Organisations

As of February 2019, the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations have been endorsed by members of the Council of Australian Governments, including the Prime Minister and state and territory First Ministers. The principles aim to provide a nationally consistent approach to creating organisational cultures that foster child safety and wellbeing.

 Autism Queensland Workshop in Mackay- Core Stategies for OSHC and Vacation Care

This session has been designed to provide staff working within the OSHC & Vacation care environment  an increased understanding of supporting children in their care who may be on the autism spectrum. 

 Project ECHO®

Project ECHO® (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is a global movement that empowers professionals everywhere to provide the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

Workshops to Help You Teach Children on the Autism Spectrum so Make a Difference.

Accredited Training ~ Transform from Daunted to Confident

~ Increase Engagement & Participation in Busy Environments


NDIS events calendar

This calendar provided by the QLD Govt has information for people with disability, families and carers, service providers, businesses and the general community about upcoming events and activities related to the NDIS.

Changes to the National Quality Framework - Free Webinar

Available Now
Event Location:
30 mins Webinar
ACECQA's Rhonda Livingstone presents an overview of key changes to the NQF, to be introduced from 1 October 2017.  In this free webinar Rhonda describes how these changes will affect Early Childhood Education and Care Services, and the resources and support available to educators.

Kids Matter Helping Children Manage Emotions - Free Webinar

Available Now
Event Location:
60 mins Webinar
When faced with challenges the emotional behaviour of young children bring, it is tempting to search for quick fixes and one-size-fits-all approaches.  This webinar offers an opportunity to really explore children's ability to manage their emotions, and to outline how we as adults and educators can assist to do this.


ECA Learning Hub Reconciliation in Action Modules Part 1 and 2

This two-part series to help educators build their knowledge about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures, to support Reconciliation in early childhood.
Cost: $38.50 per module
Location: 50 minute online modules

ECA Learning Hub Emotion Coaching - Webinar

Available  Now
Event location: 50 minute webinar

This on-demand webinar facilitated by PSychologist, Beth MacGregor explores the five steps of emotion coaching: emotional awareness, connecting, listening, naming emotions and finding good solutions. When used effectively, emotion coaching can be used by educators and other professionals working with young children to build trusting and respectful relationships.

ECA Learning Hub - Partnerships with Families for Inclusive Practice - Webinar

Available Now
Event Location:
50 min Webinar
Inclusion benefits all children.  Partnerships with families and caregivers underpin young children's inclusion, learning and development.  This module examines the role of effective partnerships to enable inclusion within early childhood education and care services.

ECA Learning Hub - Making Quality Visible - Webinar

Available Now
Event Location:
30 min Webinar
What is quality and what is the educator's role in quality?  This webinar thinks critically about quality in early childhood education and care, and explores how to develop, lead and maintain quality and share this with children, families and educators.

Early Years Connect - Knowledge - Skills - Support - Free Webinar

Available Now
Event Location:
60 mins each - Various Webinars
The Early Years Connect project incorporated a series of webinars which were presented as an opportunity for participants to ask questions, contribute their own comments and to connect with experts and colleagues around including children with disabilities accross Queensland.

Kids Matter Early Childhood - Free Webinar

Available Now
Event Location:
Approx 50 mins each - Various Webinars
Click the link and select from the various free webinars listed.

ECA Learning Hub - Professional Partnerships for Early Childhood Inclusion - Webinar

Available Now
Event Location: Webinar

Approx 45 mins
For children with developmental delay or disability and complex social, emotional and behavioural needs, educators will often access the expertise of other professionals to ensure successful inclusion.

Keynotes from SNAICC Conference - Online Video Sessions

Available Now
Event Location:
You can now catch up on plenary presentations and keynote addresses from the 7th SNAICC National Conference, with videos of these sessions now available through the SNAICC website and YouTube Channel.

Health and Community Services Workforce Council Inc Professional Learning 

Better Together Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Inclusion at all levels. These online and face:face workshops support educators around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inclusion.

Download the Better Together flyers below:

Flyer 1
Flyer 2


Parentshop offers NESA approved workshops and webinars for early years educators such as Talk less, Listen More and Tough Conversations.
Event Locations and dates:  various
Cost: For information on registration rates click here


Quandamooka BAJARA “educating on sacred ground”

This link offers support and training for educators in the Bay Islands, Redland Bay, Wynnum Manly and Bayside areas, around embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives.

Be You

Welcome to Be You, a national initiative for educators, aimed at promoting and protecting positive mental health in children and young people. Our vision is for an education system in which every learning community is positive, inclusive and resilient, and where every child, young person, staff member, and family can achieve their best possible mental health.

When we talk about educators at Be You, we’re talking about everyone who works with children and young people in early learning settings and primary  schools. All educators are welcome, no matter where they are in their career – from pre-service educators all the way through to senior educational leaders.BE

Be You empowers educators by supporting them to develop their mental health skills and knowledge, while also providing guidance on how to implement a whole-learning community approach.

It offers a range of online, evidence-based tools and resources aimed at improving the skills and knowledge of educators to foster and support mental health and wellbeing in children and young people.


For a full introduction to Be You, download the Educators Handbook – there are versions for both early learning services and primary and secondary schools.


Professional Learning Disclaimer
This page provides a listing of professional learning relating to inclusion which may be of interest to educators, Inclusion Support Queensland aims to list inclusion-related, high quality professional learning from reputable sources on this page, however Inclusion Support Queensland cannot regulate or guarantee the quality or accuracy of details, and relevance of events listed.  Please note, information on this page is obtained from a range of external suppliers and Inclusion Support Queensland is not responsible for any errors or omissions.  All content on this page is shared here for information purposes only and Inclusion Support Queensland does not endorse or promote any specific event or organisation listed on this page.  Early Childhood and Child Care services should use their own professional judgements when deciding what professional learning will best suit their needs.

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