Outcomes Measurement Program Phase 2

In this project we are investigating the perspectives of Inclusion Professionals and the people working within early and middle childhood services across Australia. We are very grateful for the efforts of each person who participated in the first set of surveys in 2018. Thank you.
We are now asking you to participate in the second and final phase of this project. This will enable us to measure change over the past year, in order to understand the impact of the Inclusion Support Program on inclusive practices within a range of eligible early and middle childhood services.
If you participated in 2018 and shared your email address with us for the Phase 2 survey, then you should receive a survey link on the 15th of July. This survey link will come in an email from Kathy.cologon@mq.edu.au. Many services shared their email addresses for this purpose in Phase 1. These services will also receive a link. However, many participating services did not share their email address with us for this purpose. Those services will need to register for the Phase 2 Survey. If you did not participate last time, or if you did not share your email with us, or if you haven’t received an email then please register for the study.
You can register here now