A range of resources are available to support services to provide inclusive environments and programs for all children. Sometimes the most helpful resources are the ones that help us to reflect on our practice and support us to think differently.

Current resource topics include:

What is inclusion?, Working with Therapists, Reflective Practice, Guiding Children’s Behaviour, Working with Families, Practical Resources and Inclusion Matters Newsletters.

These resources include information, weblinks, checklists and templates.

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Resources can be accessed by clicking the titles below:

2020 Calendar

Lighthouse Resources - Resources for reflection

Heuristic Play Materials - Unstructured play materials for infants and toddlers

IA Qld Brochure

IA Information for Families

Information for Families IDFM

Information for Services IDFM

Qld Understanding Behaviours

OSHC Inclusion in Action

The OSHC Inclusion in Action Cards relate directly to the National Quality Standard and are designed to engage OSHC services in the process of reflection

Emerging Minds

The National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health has been established the Emerging Minds website to assist professionals and organisations who work with children and/or parents/families to have the skills to identify assess and support children at risk of mental health conditions. Access free training, practice guides, webinars, tools, information and news.

Child Care Provider Handbook

The new Child Care Provider Handbook and 14 factsheets covering topical issues have now been published on the department’s website

KU Guiding Children's Behaviour

Information, planning and assessment tools to support educators to promote positive relationships and respond positively to challenging behaviours.

The Journey of Inclusion Poster

The journey of inclusion is a process that evolves as our understanding grows.

Inclusion is

Visual ‘snapshots’ of inclusion to encourage educators to reflect on inclusive practice.

Inclusion Matters Poster

Hidden Messages

Supporting educators to reflect on how their words and actions may be interpreted by others.

Early Childhood Australia and Early Childhood Intervention Australia – Position Statement on the inclusion of children with disability in ECEC

A position statement that aims to create a vision of high quality inclusive practices in early childhood education and care.

Meeting Children's Sleep, Rest and Relaxation Needs

To support the development of healthy life-time sleep practices, educators need to work with children and families to provide appropriate opportunities to meet child's need for sleep, rest and relaxation.

Learning Potential

If you're looking for tips and ideas to help nurture your child's potential.  Learning Potential has hundreds of articles on all aspects of your child's learning and development.

Early Years Connect

The purpose of Early Years Connect is to help educators support children with complex additional needs to participate in early childhood education and care services in Queensland.

Inclusion of Children with Disability

Inclusion of children with disability in early Childhood Education and Care services benefits everyone.  These environments provide many opportunities for all children to develop social and emotional skills and learn with their peers.

Building Resilience for children aged 0-12

Beyond Blue have developed this free practice guide for professionals around promoting resilience for children.

Queensland Children's Services Library

This free library provides a newsletter, and access to journal articles, books and other resources for services across Queensland.

This page provides a listing of resources relating to inclusion which may be of interest to educators.  The Inclusion Support Qld aims to list inclusion-related, high quality resources from reputable sources on this page, however Inclusion Support Qld cannot regulate or guarantee the quality or accuracy of details, and relevance of resources listed and is not responsible for any errors or omissions.  All content on this page is shared here for information purposes only and the Inclusion Support Qld does not endorse or promote any specific resource listed on this page.  Early Childhood and Child Care services should use their own professional judgments when deciding what resources will best suit their needs.  To suggest a resource for inclusion on this page please email: inclusionsupportqld@ku.com.au