Disability is experienced by many people and children in our community. Whilst the nature of a child’s disability can be different, the barriers, disadvantage and potential discrimination that they experience can be similar. Inclusive early childhood and child care services not only identify these barriers, but work actively to overcome them and to advocate for children against exclusionary practices.

Inclusion is more than enrolling children with a disability into your service and encouraging participation. It is about critically reflecting on policies, practices and programs, and making changes to ensure that all children can participate meaningfully without restrictions, pity or limitations of any kind. In this model, all children are viewed as being capable and as contributors to the service environment.

When educators build respectful and trusting relationships with children, helping them to recognise each other’s strengths, they learn to understand diversity of ability in new ways. Inclusion for children with disabilities is beneficial for all children.

If you would like to access support from your local Inclusion Agency Hub to assist your service to improve inclusive practice please Contact us.